What credit score do you need to have to rent an apartment?

I want to move in with a friend of mine, who’s apartment is run by a large company. I know they will do a credit check. My credit score is a 629… not the bottom, but not great. Do you think they’ll be okay with that?

To complicate matters, this company already approved me for a lease several months ago, but that fell through… I believe my credit was higher then. I really just don’t want to be stuck with nowhere to live. Please help, especially if you really know what you’re talking about!

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3 Responses to What credit score do you need to have to rent an apartment?

  1. answermonkey says:

    With a security deposit not every landlord will pull your credit score. Just go to one of the large apartment complexes or private owners.

  2. oveningskor says:

    they might rent to you, but ask a bigger deposit from you

  3. Evil J says:

    629 thats not bad, I think you’ll do fine

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