Is a credit score of 658 good enough to get a home loan?

I just pulled my credit score today and it’s 658 is that good enough to get a home loan?

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  1. Ted says:

    Mortgage lenders generally don’t look at your score when deciding to give you a loan. The big think is capacity to repay (PITI < 28%) and total debt service below a cutoff and hiw much down payment. They look at the report for specific black marks. If they decide to offer you a loan, they look at the score to decide on the interest rate to offer.

  2. Billie says:

    you’ll need 670 -plus

  3. mike b says:

    Ted is right—just wanted to add watch out for these people offering loans here under your question. Why would they advertise on Yahoo answers? Plenty of companies in your city to get a legitimate loan. As an added note one of my neighbors had 660 and he got a loan, but had a slightly higher rate than mine.

  4. dylan w says:

    All of these answers are wrong.

    Credit score is very important when getting a home loan.

    With a 658 score, you may very well qualify. Things that will be important are your down payment as well as your your debt to income ration, not “PITI” as another referred to, which equals Principal Interest taxes Insurance. What they will be mainly concerned with is your whole debt ratio, all bills included.

    With a score of 658 and minimal down payment your best shot at the moment is to apply for an FHA loan.

    In the meantime you will also want to increase your credit score as much as possible –

    I recommend for free credit information

  5. Gary H says:

    Try and search for “bad credit home loans”. They literally have hundreds of loans available at reasonable rates and terms.

  6. loren y says:

    My lord. Ignore every answer on here. The truth is, there is no correct answer for this question because there are to many other factors that come into play when it comes to home loans. I personally closed a loan yesterday through FHA where the borrower had a mid score of 546. She brought not one penny out of pocket to close and she recieved the same exact interest rate that a 800 credit borrower would have recieved. Would this work for everyone who has a 546 credit score???…No!!! That is why you should contact a mortgage professional that you trust and has been around for a while to get expert advice, not a bunch of “yahoo’s” that have no clue what they are talking about.

  7. ehis_coperative says:

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